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Mayor of Rochdale, England congratulates Woodland, CA Mayor on opening of Rochdale Grange Community

In honor of tomorrow’s grand opening of the Rochdale Grange Community in Woodland (see above post for details), we are delighted to present the letter written from the Mayor of Rochdale, England, Councillor Alan Godson (pictured below) to Art Pimentel, the Mayor of Woodland:

The Mayor of Rochdale, England sends greetings for the October 4th, 2011 Grand Opening of Rochdale Grange Community in Woodland, CA

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Art Pimentel
Mayor of Woodland
300 First Street
Woodland, CA 95695

21st September 2011

Dear Fellow Mayor Pimentel,

Greetings to you today from the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale, England.

On October 5th this year I believe you will be participating in the “Grand Opening” of Rochdale Grange Community in your fair city. I would be grateful if you could read the greetings below at the ceremony.

“In opening Rochdale Grange today you are creating 53 lovely apartments for deserving families. I can see from the photographs and from the web site that Rochdale Grange will be a fine new home to many good people.

I am told that this new neighborhood celebrates the agricultural heritage of Woodland.  The “Rochdale” in the name commemorates the first cooperative in the city which was called the Rochdale Company and had its store at 513 Main Street. It had telephone number 4.

Rochdale, England is where the modern cooperative movement began in 1844. I am glad to say that the idea of a cooperative enterprise that spread from here has now reached 800 million members throughout the world. It is not surprising that the idea reached Woodland, California in 1909.

Although Rochdale Grange is itself a nonprofit I would hope that the spirit of cooperation and of working together for a common purpose will be at the forefront of what everyone does who lives there.

As Mayor of Rochdale 2011/12 I am grateful that you chose to perpetually honor the connection between us as it is indeed a great honour.

I congratulate the Mayor and City Council of Woodland, Neighborhood Partners and Yolo County Housing for creating new homes for people. I send my best wishes to all of you who brought this fine community about and best wishes to the people who will live there.”

Yours most sincerely,

Councillor Alan Godson
Mayor of the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale 2011/12

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Grand Opening for Rochdale Grange – October 5th

Grand Opening of Rochdale Grange Announcement

Neighborhood Partners is proud to announce the Grand Opening of Rochdale Grange on October 5th.  Please join us for this exciting event.

Rochdale Grange Entrance

Rochdale Grange Apartments - South Row

Neighborhood Partners LLC Banner @ Rochdale Grange

Rochdale Grange Green from 2nd Floor Green Community Buildings

Rochdale Grange Green Community Buildings

Rochdale Grange Homes on Green

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